Zachary King
January 19, 2023

When should you hire a Fractional VP Sales?

The trigger for hiring a senior sales gun can be different for everyone, here are some of the real world examples I have seen so far:

  1. You need sales experience, but just found out how much full-time tech salespeople get paid. 🤑 😎
  2. Building a sales engine. You have made a handful of sales and now need to get this process out of your head and build a repeatable, scaleable sales engine.
  3. Watching the burn. This isn't BlackRock. You aren't on the playa. In the current macro environment, managing your burn rate has gone from quaint to essential.
  4. Bandwidth. This is a big one - the reason you hire someone is for their experience (see above) and for their time working on your business.
  5. Launching a new product/market: You have identified an opportunity, now you just need someone to get after it. Building a GTM, testing and refining it are all part of the every day for a hard-working fractional VP Sales.
  6. Sales improvement. Clients not converting, not enough leads at the top of the funnel, and the process needs tightening. There are myriad different reasons why your revenue isn't where it should be, so hire an expert to diagnose the why and fix it.
  7. You need a sales leader NOW. Raised a recent round and looking to hire a head of sales, in this market?? It's a 3-month search, plus 3 months' notice, best case.
  8. Parental Leave Coverage. A good team can always cover for a short absence, but what about longer term?
  9. Flexibility. The fractional model is versatile and can bend to your specific requirements, business model and set-up. It’s risk-free, cost-effective and impactful revenue leadership on demand.
  10. Demonstrate Traction.  There is nothing investors love more than the T word.  Get runs on the board quickly by bringing in some heavy firepower.

If this resonates with you then perhaps it's time to consider a Sales Fractional Exec who can help you hit your targets. If this describes you then please consider joining our Community of Fractional Executives.

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